Planet Pollinate Early Release 0.1.1

Hello all!

Planet Pollinate has launched in early access! Our VR game for learning teamwork, communication and leadership skills. Play it now on your Quest headset with 2 other friends!

This release features an early version of the game, containing the core Planet Pollinate experience;

- 3 player VR multiplayer

- 3 roles each with different gameplay

- The first level; The Farm with vehicle assembly and paths

- Customisable avatars

- In-game voice communication

- Player performance feedback output

Planned features for future releases include:

- Accreditation: gain real life qualifications by playing video games

- AI integration for assessment

- New levels

- New puzzles

- More ways to connect and play with others

- Supervision system: supervise games users are playing (for educators/corporates/facilitators)

- VR familiarization features

- Expanded lobby/main menu area

- Up to 33 live game sessions at any one time

We plan to release more updates soon, with new features and bug fixes; join our Discord server, and find us on social media to stay up to date.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


Planet Pollinate 0.1.1.apk 362 MB
Nov 03, 2021

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